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Telephone System Upgrade
The Bankruptcy Administrator's office will be upgrading their phone/voicemail system September 27-29th, 2014.
There may be brief interruptions in phone service during the installation process.
Posted: 5/15/14

Limited Filers - Changing Password
Limited filers may change their password in ECF by clicking on the "Utilities" menu, then click on "Account
Maintenance" and then click on "Change Your Password".
Posted: 12/4/13

Limited Filing Privileges Registration Form
This form is to be used by limited filers (creditors and approved financial management agencies) to register for
filing privileges to electronically file documents using the CM/ECF System in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
Western District of North Carolina.
Posted: 12/4/13

Instructions for Filing a Certificate of Completion of a Personal Financial Management Course
Approved personal financial management course providers are now allowed to file the certificate of complettion of
the post-petition personal financial management course for debtors directly with the court.
Posted: 12/4/13

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