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341 Meetings

Each debtor must appear at a meeting of creditors.  This meeting is informally called a "341 meeting" because 11 U.S.C. § 341 requires that the debtor attend a meeting so that creditors can question the debtor about debts and property. Creditors who are listed on the debtors' petition will receive notice of the time and location of the meeting.


Access the Bankruptcy Court's calendar for 341 meeting dates.


341 meetings are held at various locations in the district. The location is assigned based on the division in which the case is filed. Some 341 meetings for chapter 13 debtors are conducted via video conference from the debtor's attorney's office.  

Request to Attend a 341 Meeting by Telephone or Videoconference

Parties may request permission to attend a 341 meeting by telephone or WebEx, as available. Requests should be made using this webform.  

Certified Interpreter Requirement

Our office will provide certified interpreters (foreign or sign language) for 341 meetings. It is not appropriate for the debtor or the debtor's attorney to bring an individual to the meetings to serve as an interpreter. The certified interpreter will be provided at the expense of the Bankruptcy Administrator's Office. 

A request for a certified interpreter must be made at a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of the 341 meeting of creditors.

Request 341 Meeting Recording

Requests for a electronic copy of a 341 meeting recording may be submitted through our website: Recording Request.

NOTE: The Bankruptcy Administrator's office only provides recordings for 341 meetings. To request a copy of a court proceeding, please visit: